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Welcome to Friends of Delta Presents Outreach Foundation: 


   I am honored as Chairperson, to welcome you to the Delta Presents Outreach Foundation’s website on behalf of the Board of Directors. We value our relationship with the community, individuals, and other partners, as we strive to serve and impact the lives of others, through our community efforts. We are excited to partner with Little Rock Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, as they continue to provide scholarships annually, to outstanding African American males who are Seniors in the Central Arkansas area. This partnership has been very successful for 47 years, and additional scholarships have been extended to young ladies, in their senior year, who have completed the program with the Delta Gems.


Please join us as partners in our outreach endeavors, through donations, mentoring, providing workshops, volunteering in our counseling center or sponsoring scholarships. For more information view our entire website, to learn more about who we are and what we do as a foundation. We cannot do it alone and welcome each of you to help us serve the community.


Again, thanks for your interest in becoming friends and partners to Delta Presents Outreach Foundation. Stay safe.

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