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Delta Presents Alumni Association

Delta Presents Alumni Association Board Members

Tedd Robinson.JPG

Ted Robinson Chairman

Lee Berry Financial Secretary 1979 honoree.jpg

Lee Berry 

Financial Secretary

Dwight Harshaw 1974 inductee.jpg

Dwight Harshaw


Vince Picture.jpg

Vince Miller Parliamentarian

James Ware Chaplin

James Ware


The Delta Presents Alumni Association   Hall of Fame HIGHLIGHTS and HONORS deserving people for their distinguished service to the COMMUNITY and EXCELLENCE in their chosen field.


                 Agriculture/Fisheries/Human Sciences                   



             Entertainment/Media                                                                   Athletics

        Business/Industry                                                                             Government/Law

    Community Service                                                                                      Military Service


         Education                                                                                Faith/Theology

                Medicine/Medical                                                Science/Technology 


                                            Lifetime Achievement/Posthumous.

For more than five decades, Delta Presents has been an integral part of the community. Recently, The DPOF enthusiastically voted the establishment of The Delta Presents Alumni Association. The Association provides a venue for the many hundreds of Delta Presents Honorees to maintain connections with each other, the community, to support new alumni, and a forum for business relationships to provide a variety of benefits and needed services in the community. The Delta Presents Alumni Association office will be housed at the DPOF Center.


Ted Robinson
Dwayne Ricks
Kenneth Johnson
Frank & Florence Smith
Margie Powell 
Jonny Collier
Virginia Abrams 
Joyce Willis
Angela Doyne
Rose Barnes
Pro Duffers


Laura Carter
Mary Guinn
Guinn Ed.  Consulting
Yamilette Williams
Synergy Education
Kevin Wharthon
Ellen Eddings
Melony Phillips
Katina Ray
Lovita Griffin

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