The Delta Presents Outreach Foundation, Incorporated 

The Delta Presents Outreach Foundation, Incorporated was established in 2008. It is named after the Little Rock Alumnae Chapter's signature program, "Delta Presents." To commemorate the legacy of "Delta Presents," we are raising money to support our community outreach programs and maintenance of the long-term dream of a facility designated for "public service" an accomplished fact.


Are you a former

Delta Presents Honoree?

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to develop a strong bond of brotherhood among its members, foster a relationship with former Delta Presents Honorees to promote positive advocacy for the Annual Delta Presents Scholarship Program

Delta Presents Outreach Foundation 

P.O. Box 24636 
7621 West 40th Street 
(John Barrow Community) 

Little Rock, AR 72221-4636

Phone: 501-562-0923 
Fax: 501-562-0923 
E-mail: chair@deltapresentsoutreach.org 

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