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The Delta Presents Outreach Foundation’s history is closely aligned with our relationship with the Little Rock Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. which is a public service organization.


The signature program, Delta Presents was born of a need to encourage positive aspects of youth development in our community. From 1973 to the present, Delta Presents has been an integral part of the community. As a result, the Foundation selected “Delta Presents” as its name.


For more than seven decades, public service was provided to communities in Pulaski County. As our ranks grew in numbers, we were able to greatly broaden our outreach services to the community.  However, along with this growth, we lost our ability to meet in homes and found ourselves scrambling for meeting places.  We were literally homeless. We faced the daunting challenge of finding locations to provide services and mobilizing our resources. We remained persistent and secured various schools, churches, and community centers to deliver outreach services. This “band-aid” solution sufficed for many years. The sheer logistical nightmares became increasingly daunting. We knew we desperately needed to own a permanent facility that would be our headquarters.


Delta Presents Outreach Foundation, Incorporated was established in 2008. The following year, the Foundation formed an ongoing partnership with the Little Rock Alumnae Chapter to jointly sponsor Delta Presents, the annual scholarship recognition program.   In 2011, the Foundation purchased the former Rosedale Baptist Church located at 7621 West 40th Street (John Barrow Community) as our headquarters. We have spent six years making critically needed renovations to the building in order to make it “customer ready” for the delivery of outreach services to the community. We are able to provide effective ongoing outreach programs to a wide variety of community members as outlined in our brochure.  


Delta Presents is a process, not an event. We believe that the process has longevity for generations to come. Therefore, all of the Delta Presents program activities leading up to the culmination program are held at the center.

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