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Serving as a joint partner to sponsor the
Annual Delta Presents Scholarship Program

Recognizing Our Community's 

Young Men Since 1974

The Promise

The Foundation

The Dream

Delta trailblazers realized the dream with the inception of “Delta Presents.” The dream was embraced by the establishment of the Foundation and taking the program’s name.

Delta member is dreaming of helping her community



Our promise is a commitment to program excellence and outreach expansion.


DPOF was established in 2008 to become an integral part of the community through the delivery of essential services and programs.

Delta Presents

Since 1973 our signature program, Delta Presents, has been an integral part of the community.  We were born of a need to encourage positive aspects of youth development in our community. As a result, the Foundation selected “Delta Presents” as its name.  Delta Presents is a process, not an event. With this premise, CLEP was created as the developmental component of Delta Presents.

Career Development, 

Leadership Development, 

Educational Development, and 

Personal/Social Development program 

Scholarship Connection

Need Scholarship Assistance?

The Delta Presents Outreach Foundation - Scholarship Connection's mission is to empower families to help children become well-prepared to apply for scholarships to fund their education.

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