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Ladies/Lads of Value and Esteem Mentoring

 DPOF has begun efforts to network with the West Central Sports Complex to implement LOVE—Ladies/Lads of Value and Esteem Mentoring.

LOVE is a mentoring program for youth (ages 7-10) who's desire is to engage youth and adult community members to actively address and improve the determinants of life in the communities of West Central Little Rock.  Second, DPOF will partner with Marquis Cooper’s R. E. N. E. W. Program six weeks during the Summer of 2018 .  Weekly programs covering 20 lessons over the six weeks will be delivered for male and female students at the DPOF Center.  The Program focuses on students at risk of academic failure, who struggle in traditional environments, and with personal and social challenges.  The Initiative seeks to curb specific issues such as high pregnancy rates, gang affiliation, school dropout rates, and personal selfimage deficiencies, to improve the overall cultural experience of youth in the West Central Little Rock Communities.  “Our community partnerships and outreach efforts are gaining momentum, and are needed in the community,” Virginia Abrams said.  

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